Absurd design

Hi everyone! I was sent a collar to review for you by Absurd design, the collar I was sent is their new collar made from recycled wetsuits! By recycling old wetsuits these collars are a step further into saving the environment from waste!

My experience with this collar has been great! It has held up on our beach walks and canal boat holiday (and yogi fell into the canal twice and he isn’t the best swimmer lol) and general everyday wear!

After the beach all you have to do is rinse it with water and the dirt just falls off! It is quite similar to how biothane works, and it dries in minutes!


The collar that yogi is wearing: here

The collar is super light and the pattern is printed in eco friendly water based inks, and every sale from this new collection, Absurd Design will donate 50p from each collar sold to a chosen charity helping to make a difference to our planet! How cool!

The chosen charity is the coral restoration foundation.

I’ve fallen in love with this brand and this collar! I can’t wait to take it on one of my favourite walks in the Lake District, the ingleton waterfall trail! yogi can jump into the river without me worrying if it will ruin his collar!

But before going on these walks you should always research the dangers of water for dogs especially on the seaside! Never let your pooch drink seawater or eat algae, always take fresh water with you to keep your dog hydrated! And if your pooch is a model like yogi always posing for photos don’t forget their favourite treat! A few of yogis favourite treats are:

Anything from soopa pets! and jr pet products salmon or venison sticks! (a personal favourite from yogi) He also loves natures menu freeze dried treats!


Links to Absurd Designs:

Overall I love this collar and I can see myself purchasing one in a different pattern! I highly recommend you check them out and give them a follow!

Thank you for reading this post!

R & Y


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